ThinkingSHIFT is an on-line blog and journal that addresses issues related to K-12 and higher education, particularly focused on issues of equity, social justice, and school improvement. ThinkingSHIFT is especially interested in articles focusing on the nexus of research, policy and practice.

ThinkingSHIFT has a keen eye to influencing the practice of education in order to improve educational and life outcomes for diverse groups of students. Because of this perspective, we solicit articles that attempt to link research to policy decisions and analysis of policy decisions as they impact practice. Our ultimate goal is improving what happens in schools to improve student success.

We seek to encourage conversations about education between researchers, policy wonks, and practitioners.   Submissions related to race, ethnicity, and gender are of particular interest. We also encourage a broad range of submissions including policy briefs, quantitative and qualitative articles, research notes and reviews, as well as creative pieces.

If you’re interested in submitting your work, email us at Include an abstract (not to exceed 100 words) with your manuscript, and a cover letter that identifies the writer with contact information. Please attach your manuscript (preferably as a WORD document) and do not insert it into the text of your e-mail.

ThinkingSHIFT is an online, open access platform that makes your work available to a wide range of audiences.

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